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Epipremnum Pinnatum Happy Leaf

Epipremnum Pinnatum Happy Leaf

Category: Hanging Plants

Tag: Special Occasions, Weddings, New Arrival

    • NPR 1800
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Pot Size: 12cm

Wanting to add a unique plant to your collection? The Manjula pothos might be a great addition. Also known as the Happy Leaf, it is referred to as  a  climbing vine but in a much smaller size. This easy to care for house plant produces glossy marbled white and green that are heavily spotted and cream white and green streaked making it a great trinket for your plant collection. 


 Plant Care Tips

Water: Water when the top layer of the plant is completely dry

Sunlight: Prefers low-light 

Fertilizer: Fertilize the plant with a liquid fertilizer once in fifteen to twenty days.

Can also use Epsom salt every once in a while for healthy growth.  

Humidity: Enjoys regular household humidity